Meet Carly

Carly Anderson’s work runs the gamut at Visible City. Depending on the client and project, Carly is involved in software development, data gathering, analysis and interpretation, as well as client engagement and special projects. Her work also gets her out in the marketplace: Carly’s recent projects have engaged her in Visible City’s home market in Minneapolis/Saint Paul, as well as the San Francisco Bay Area, Nashville, Chicago, Boston, Tulsa and elsewhere. Carly finds purpose in combining geospatial tools and design thinking to projects focused on advancing equity in all kinds of urban settings.

Prior to joining Visible City in 2019, Carly worked for various city governments and university departments, most recently contributing web GIS and cartography skills to several academic and community outreach projects at the Minnesota Design Center. She’s a graduate of the University of Minnesota’s Master’s of GIS and undergraduate Urban Studies programs, and lives in Minneapolis.

Photo credit: Nate Ryan