Meet Greg 

Greg’s take: Software can and should make a difference. Based in Portland, Oregon, Greg is a software engineer at Visible City and helps drive both our internal processes to serve clients, as well as outward-facing efforts when chops are required in application architecture, ongoing improvements in our stack, and high volume data collection and processing. Thanks to his work, Visible City’s internal and external tools are as simple and easily used as possible.
Since joining in 2018, Greg has also called on years of experience in technology to advise Visible City’s strategic direction. Since his start in technology 25 years ago as a GIS analyst focused on water resources issues, Greg has worked and consulted with start-ups, non-profits, small business, and large corporations in a variety of sectors. His experience, creativity, and commitment to the greater good are evident in each project in which he’s involved.

Photo credit: Nate Ryan