Our Position on Data Privacy

Visible City collects, analyzes and visualizes a broad range of data streams to help public and private sector organizations improve decision making. In some cases, our projects involve collecting data reflecting how people choose to use urban space.

The Visible City team does not collect names or other personal identifying information, or store such information. Gathering such information, in our view, ethically requires that participants opt in.

We believe in the potential for data analytics to illuminate ways to make more effective, more efficient and more sustainable decisions in the world’s cities. We believe that undertaking rigorous research is a key ingredient of innovations that improve human life in cities. We also see growing evidence of analytics practices that disregard standards of decency, dignity, and each individual’s right to make informed choices about privacy.

The trust of our clients, our partners, and the people who live in areas of the world where we work, is invaluable to Visible City. We articulate our commitment to data ethics in the spirit of this ongoing trust.

– The Visible City team