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“Going through the workshop with Visible City was a phenomenal learning opportunity for NEOO Partners. The Visible City team was incredibly patient and transparent, and they are active listeners. They shared the up and downsides of various data sets by type, geography, ownership, cost, integrity, consistency, and level of data cleaning required for our unique needs. NEOO highly recommends doing this workshop with Visible City if you work with data visualization and mapping.”

–Cameran Bailey, Director of Development, NEOO Partners

“We find critics go silent once they read the excellent report by Visible City. We are pleased to recommend the work of the Visible City team and look forward to working with them again in the future.”

–Soren Jensen, Executive Director, Midtown Greenway Coalition

"We have long coordinated with our school district, but with Visible City's help, now our two agencies have a clear, shared view about demographics, usage, and facilities. Their analysis has helped us develop a stronger, more efficient approach to funding and maintaining our system, for sure."

– Mike Hahm, Former Director, Saint Paul Parks and Recreation

“Visible City’s analysis, interpretation and consulting, helped the YMCA team see downtown patterns and behavior at a fine grain. The data and visual representations help inform our direction for a new, more visible and accessible location that would allow the YMCA to better serve the downtown St. Paul market.”

– Amanda Novak, Vice President of Real Estate, YMCA of the North

“PVNSiteWorks merges existing and dynamic big data sets with expertise in site feasibility to uncover development opportunities. It is a great tool if you want to spend less time hunting for deals and more time working on projects.”

– Paul Keenan, Vice President of Development, Reuter Walton

“Everybody talks about it. ‘Ooh, we are all going to use big data.’ But who’s actually doing it? Visible City was able to bring together data from various sources to exactly locate certain pieces of property of a certain size, adjacent to certain institutions and also with certain value characteristics. It was a very interesting and valuable effort and they made it look easy.”

– Noah Bly, Integrated Development

“We don’t have to do the needle-in-the-haystack approach anymore. We can focus on the properties we know are quality ones, and it saves a lot of time.” 

–Jong Limb, President, Newport Partners, Los Angeles

“Visible City was incredibly thoughtful and persistent in their intent to get us the information we needed, even as our needs shifted during the study. Jon helped us refine our initial request, and Carly dug repeatedly to produce multi-layered slides that illustrated our soft and hard objectives in our impact locations. They were very easy to work with and produced a large number of insightful deliverables at the end of the study.”

–Jon Bontrager, Vice President of Facilities, YMCA of Greater Charlotte

“Our work with Visible City has helped our advocacy, our fundraising, and made our programs more successful. Visualizing investment, transportation, or foot traffic at such fine grain disrupts commonly held assumptions - and makes us more effective. It's that simple.”

–Joe Spencer, President, Saint Paul Downtown Alliance

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