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Visible City began in 2015, from a foundational insight that dramatic growth in data collection could strengthen organizations’ decision making – if the data was made decipherable for decision makers. In true startup form, Visible City focused for several years on intensive exploration of market opportunities in the areas of real estate development, public policy, facilities operations, and program evaluation in cities. 

Today, we work with clients ranging from long term to individual projects, to help them navigate high priority choices about where, how, when and why to be involved in various city spaces. Our company’s model is built around providing analysis in highly visual ways, and our emphasis on customized interpretation and recommendations sets us apart from rivals. At Visible City, we integrate work in software development with work on analytic projects, as we help clients derive answers that are comprehensive, accurate and future-focused. 

Cities are dynamic networks of people and activity, and urban areas are home to more than half of the world’s population – a proportion that continues to grow. As we grow together with our clients, the Visible City team looks forward to continuing to stretch the value of data for our clients and our world.

Meet the team

Managing Principal

Jon Commers

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Lead Cartographer +
Project Manager

Carly Hanson

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Geospatial Analyst & Manager

Stephen Palka

Selina Sun

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Geospatial Analyst & Manager

JJ Paul

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Social Media Strategist

Image credits: Nate Ryan; Michael Wilson

Junior Software Developer

Kharme Mahamed

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