Start seeing how your organization’s existing data resources can deliver new and valuable insights.


The Visible City team serves clients pursuing strategic goals while managing unique combinations of real estate, programs, operations and partnerships. Since inception, we’ve recognized how firms large and small, public agencies, and nonprofits can unlock opportunities by using existing internal data more intentionally, and combining it with the right external sources.

To help clients realize this potential, we facilitate private workshops to take stock of the data already available to your organization internally, and brainstorm how analysis and visualization can accelerate and streamline reaching of your strategic goals. Our workshops are a cost-efficient method of assessing data you have, the extent to which it’s useful across your organization, and how to leverage it more fully for your mission.

Each workshop is specific to your team. Questions we typically address include:

If you suspect your organization is not making the most of your own data, and available external sources specific to your industry, let’s connect to discuss how a workshop can help shape a more productive strategy for your team.
  • Where should we start?
  • What we collect in our projects is just waste. Or is it?
  • With this sampling of our data, what questions do you think we could answer?
  • Our material is in all kinds of formats in all kinds of locations. Is there an efficient way to bring it together?
  • Our collection and use of data ebbs and flows with project cycles. How can we capture the value of our data without adding more staff?
  • How can we use more our data in our communications and public materials like proposals?

"The workshop with Visible City was a phenomenal learning opportunity for our team. They were incredibly patient, transparent, and active listeners. Visible City was able to share the up and downsides of various datasets by type, geography, ownership, cost, integrity, consistency, and level of data cleaning required. The session really was more of a collective brainstorming session where they facilitated how we could use data and mapping to produce better products on previously completed projects and rethink future ones. They were able to do this because of their ability to ask the right questions to understand the products and services core to our organization. Because of this session we were able to fairly evaluate our current staff abilities, inform the skill sets we are now seeking in our next round of hiring, include new scopes of work in recent proposals, and make an educated and confident investment in the purchase of new datasets. We highly recommend doing a custom workshop with Visible City."
— Cameran Bailey, Senior Development Advisor, NEOO Partners